Prioritisation of Covid-19 – Related Projects

With the ongoing need for medical products, equipment and Covid mitigation technology globally in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, Milliamp Technologies would like to offer any assistance it can to relevant sectors and associated sectors involved in this battle. We will prioritise these projects as required.

Milliamp Technologies has experience in the electronic technology design & development, test, certification and manufacture for a number of safety critical products and systems, including medical equipment design for CE Medical Devices Directive, compliance to EN60601 and manufacture to ISO 13485.  We also offer troubleshooting and other advisory services.

As an agile company, we are able to turn around the most complex technical requirements in minimal timescales, with many projects coming to us in distress where fast solutions and fixes are needed.  We have therefore developed significant expertise in getting the job done in the most demanding situations with significant pressure, and we will do what it takes to deliver as fast as we can.

We offer a number of services:

  • Electronic circuit design / modification of existing technology designs
    • Specifically relevant experience: safety critical electronics and software (medical and aerospace), servo control (hw/sw), motor control, linear actuator control with positional control, gas sensors, valve/flow control drivers, medical grade injection moulded plastics.
  • PCB Layout
  • Reverse engineering legacy equipment for design refresh/modifications – X-ray PCB and circuit level analysis.
  • Repair where necessary of complex electronics and systems
  • Firmware and software for safety critical use
  • Rapid prototyping including PCB manufacture and assembly in rapid timescales, 3D printing and testing, both globally, in the EU, UK and in Lancaster
  • CE compliance and EMC testing, including lab troubleshooting, to relevant medical and safety critical standards
  • General troubleshooting of existing technology designs
  • Transfer to manufacturing, new product introduction and managed volume manufacture where necessary
  • Direct experience of technology designs supplied to the NHS and knowledge of NHS HTM requirements, such as patient systems/equipment comms and infrastructure technology

If you have a requirement for any of these services please get in touch via our Contact Us form or via and we will do our best to help.

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