A Variety of Electronic Design Services

We are able to provide our customers with high quality circuit and electronic board design services for a variety of product areas with varying complexity – from simple circuits to complex embedded electronics.  Our experience coupled with support and tools from the worlds leading technology manufacturers such as Nordic SemiconductorTexas Instruments, MicrochipST, and NXP and many others allows us to quickly turn your ideas into a circuit design, if requested backed up by simulations and calculations to guarantee optimum performance.

Our highly skilled Electronic Design Engineers have experience in a wide variety of different product circuit design, from high reliability, safety critical design work for the oil, gas and energy industry, to price sensitive mass produced consumer gaming electronics and everything in between.  If we are starting from a clean sheet, this allows us to quickly pull together circuits and parts we know are tried and tested alongside new, cutting edge technology which we are regularly briefed and trained on by our manufacturing partners.

Each of our customers is unique, and we are more than happy to worth with both startups and novice innovators who may come to us with an idea and a blank sheet of paper or alternatively customers who have a lot of experience in technology design and may already have a lot of the design challenges solved.  We are completely flexible so can take the lead in a design or just provide extra ad-hoc resource to our customers as required.  If needed, we are able to carry out helpful design reviews on the phone, at a location of your choice or here at Milliamp Technologies in Lancaster, United Kingdom near the beautiful Lake District.

We endeavor to help with any query, however our core services include:

  • Experience in a wide variety of technology design areas – circuit and electronic board design for instrumentation, industrial control, microcontrollers, FPGAs, LED lighting, digital signage, USB dongles, HV switchgear, power control, variable speed drives, broadcast, ISM wireless & radio, ethernet & comms, avionics modules, healthcare systems, secure storage and many others.  Don’t forget we also offer complementary services such as PCB layout and firmware/PC/mobile software development and certification/test for a complete turnkey development solution.
  • New or continue existing circuit designs  – we are able to start a circuit design from scratch or continue an ongoing design supplied in a variety of formats or on paper drawings.
  • Use of Schematic development tools to suit you – we are able to generate schematics in a variety of CAD and EDA software tools including including Altium/Protel,Proteus,Eagle, EasyPC, PADS & KiCad (our in-house tool of choice).
  • Simulation – we are able to simulate your circuits – both analog, digital and mixed signal –  before further stages of design to ensure functionality is correct.
  • Reverse engineering – where necessary if existing schematics or drawings are unavailable, we are able to reverse engineer an existing product to generate schematics, including X-rays of multilayer PCBs.
  • Use of development kits – wherever possible, to get your design up and running as quickly, we will use modules and development kits to allow us to prototype circuit ideas and configurations in minimal timescales.
  • Advance new tech information & engineering samples – we sometimes have access to pre-release information from part manufacturers and can obtain engineering samples so you can stay ahead of the competition.
  • Design Reviews – we follow a gated design process where we need to meet certain criteria before proceeding to the next stage of design.  If requested we are able to carry out Design Reviews with our customers also at specified points in the process, to give confidence their requirements are completely met and to keep them up to date with the detail of the design.

For more details on the technical aspects please visit our pages on Hardware Design Capabilities.