Competitive Design Pricing

For our Design Services, we offer our Customers a variety of flexible rates and discounts depending on the level of design support and dialogue required during development:

  • Customers with Fixed Specifications – Where our customer already has a complete specification and is confident they want no further changes we can offer significant discount savings as we can ‘get on with it’ with little or no customer interaction, minimising our overheads and passing this saving on.  In these situations, we are able to offer our customers Fixed Price or Hourly Rate on work undertaken.
  • Customers Developing Specifications – For Customers who come to us with great ideas and plans, but little or no written specifications or drawings, we aim to work with them to get a Design Specification developed as quickly as possible, as this allows a complete idea of costs to be developed for the bulk of the development life-cycle and ensures all parties are clear on the technical and commercial directions needed.  We normally operate on an Hourly Rate only until we are in a position to assess the total effort required for Fixed Rate pricing.
  • Customers who want Ad-Hoc support – If our Customers require us to operate on an ongoing ad-hoc basis where requirements are still emerging, we are happy to do this and support their activities as required, including helping them develop their ideas further, exploratory R&D design and brainstorming activities.  Operating on Hourly Pricing we are able to offer our customers significant discount by pre-purchasing hours in advance.

We keep an accurate record of the exact amount of time we spend on your development and we will only charge you for the actual amount of time (logged in 30 minute increments by our task management systems) spent on a task and this is detailed on a fully itemised invoice.

Low Cost Manufacturing

Where we are assisting customers with manufacture of their products, we are able to pass on significant cost savings on both procurement and assembly costs due to agreements with our pool of approved Partners.  Our buying power enables us to offer significant savings on off-the-shelf prices for components and materials, and our arrangements with manufacturers allow us to take the hassle out of building your design.

Get a Competitive Quote Today !

If you have a design or plan ready to go, we are confident we can give you a competitive quote – just ask via our Contact Us page or call us on +44 (0)1524 888 319 and will be happy to help !



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