We Love It !

Our experience with the Linux operating system (aka GNU/Linux) stretches back over 20 years to 1995 (with v1.0).  As early adopters of the technology we have been a huge advocate Linux and Open Source Software (OSS) technology for both embedded and non-embedded software, and this has proven a good decision with Linux and Open Source now underpinning most servers on the Internet, mobile software such as Android, and embedded devices such as broadband routers, smart meters, cameras and many other ubiquitous technologies – mainly due to its extensive stability, reliability, security and ease of integration with hardware.  We are able to offer our customers assistance in a variety of Open Source technology areas including:

  • Embedded Open Source and Linux – we are able to advise on the best way forward for embedded or non-embedded development, including board support packages and platform distributions.
  • Expert software development skills – our years of experience developing with open source allows us to easily deal integrating OSS code that is “rough around the edges”.
  • Licensing – we can guide you through the minefield of licensing options to help find the most appropriate for your development.
  • OSS Code Audit – we are able to quickly identify if you are unknowingly using open source software in your products using specialist code fingerprinting scanning.
  • Contacts within the OSS industry – our years of experience going back virtually to day one in the open source movement means we have a large number of contacts in various projects who can provide assistance.

Linux Hardware Integration

We have significant experience developing software and drivers deep inside the Linux Kernel subsytem, including:

  • New Kernel Drivers – support for new hardware, including bespoke circuitry and hardware designed by us.
  • Existing Driver Integration – with existing kernel subsystems
  • Embedded Linux Filesystem – flash partitioning/layout with ROMFS, jffs and other flash filesystems
  • Kernel Configuration and Firmware Loaders – for bespoke hardware
  • Bootloaders – to configure hardware prior to use such as U-Boot.

Licensing – Is all Open Source Really Free ?

Yes & No.  There are some complicated legal and some would say ethical issues to consider when dealing with Open Source if you plan to integrate it into your product.  This includes the numerous license types, integrating OSS code with commercial code, “tainting” by certain licenses such as GPL, and dual licensing.  We are able to support and guide our customers through the minefield of licenses to ensure they choose the most suitable for their development.