Funding & Commercial Support

Helping Grow Your Ideas

We are able to advise and assist our customers in accessing public and private programmes of technology development initiatives within the UK and beyond to enable collaboration, to share development cost and risk and access further resources. This includes knowledge about:

  • UK Technology Catapults, InnovateUK & Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • EU Enterprise Europe Network & Horizon 2020
  • Open Source and Maker Organisations
  • Collaborative online platforms

If you are new to R&D, product development or are a startup, as technical experts with experience of applying for a variety of programmes and initiatives we are able to help get your product development noticed by the right people.

  • Development of winning proposals and applications for funding competitions or investors
  • Intellectual Property protection and Patent Applications
  • Sales & Marketing including Social Media

We are also able to help and advise on how to successfully finance a development to aid cash-flow in the short and long term.  This includes general guidance and signposting for:

  • Equity in lieu of payment for design services
  • Traditional Venture Capital
  • P2P Equity / AltFi, Fintech & Crowdfunding
  • EU / UK Government Funding
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • R&D Tax Credits, Patent Box, ER/EIS/SEIS

Product development is now a very different place with the advent of a variety of routes to gain funding and investment and we try and help our customers find new and innovative ways to grow their development from a commercial as well as technical viewpoint. 

We have a variety of partner companies who are experts in the above areas who will be more than happy to help you directly or via Milliamp.

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