Pre-Production Engineering

Getting Ready for Manufacture

We are able to offer a variety of useful services to get your design ready for low, medium or high volume manufacture.  This helps make sure the right information gets the to right people, at the right time for the right price.  Our services include:

  • Manufacture Readiness Review – PCB production design rule checks (DRC), 3D CAD modelling/mechanical fit checks, design data validation.
  • Bill of Material Cost Reduction – optional part and material substitutions and amalgamations reduce BoM costs by standardising parts if possible.
  • Design for Manufacture Review – we offer this as part of our Independent Design Review service as a design based activity to help our customers improve manufacturability of their product and squeeze out costs.
  • Manufacturing Data Packs (MDP) – a complete package of data designed for production use including raw data for PCB production including stepped gerbers, part placement, assembly drawings, work instructions and test documentation.  We can optionally include New Product Introduction (NPI) guidance to highlight key items when a manufacturer has not dealt with your product build previously.

Production Test Support

To aid factories in getting a product rapidly into manufacture, we are able to design and build a variety test fixture items for a variety of activities.  Our aim is to produce cost effective, simple to use Production Test equipment that can be reliability used hundreds of thousands of times and easily transported to manufacturing sites and used by production line operatives to give our customers maximum flexibility and confidence their product is being built and shipped on-time and right every time.  We are able to provide support :

  • Test and Configuration Fixtures – including Bed of Nails boxes, programmers, boundary scan (JTAG) test, scriptable automated test equipment (ATE) using C, PHP, Python, LabVIEW/LabWindows and other proprietary languages.
  • Complex or Simple – wired test fixture equipment or networkable/wireless test equipment for use with tablets and mobiles (Android).
  • Anti-counterfeiting – use of hardware and software anti-counterfeiting technology, which can also be implemented into a design.
  • Custom assembly line software – for configuring and serialising items or just simplified PASS/FAIL functionality.
  • Electronic and electro-mechanical test fixtures – for final functional testing, user interfaces, environmental testing etc.


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