A Second Opinion

Sometimes a fresh perspective on a problem or a way forward can help get a project back on track or give confidence that a technology product development is heading in the right direction.  Milliamp Technologies can give an unbiased, professional opinion on an existing development at any stage – from concept to post-manufacture – in any area we have expertise.

Independent Design Reviews

If your product development is already at an advanced stage, and you require the extra confidence of having us carry out an independent review of the work undertaken so far, we would be more than happy to help.  This can be especially useful where staff or subcontractors have left a project and documentation is lacking – we are able to untangle things easily.

We have a tried and tested review processes which we can apply to an ongoing development to identify any existing or future issues, increase its robustness, and help reduce total time and cost of development.

If your product is ready for manufacture we are able to undertake a Design for Manufacture review to identify any possible manufacturing issues and make suggestions for cost saving strategies that can be made at the design stage.

Design & Manufacture Troubleshooting

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” – We are able to quickly jump on board at any stage of a product lifecycle to try and resolve problems that have occurred and get things back on track – from fixing newly discovered design “features” to working with operatives on the “shop floor” during manufacture to fix problems.  This includes:

  • Design Workarounds or Alternative Solutions –  quickly resolve problematic designs with workarounds  to enable progression in the short term and drop-in replacement design solution where more time available.
  • Failure Analysis – we are able to evaluate existing design and manufacturing to get to the bottom of what is going wrong.
  • Technology Manufacturer Support – we can leverage support from component and part manufacturers, sometimes being able to expedite requests for assistance including access to special unreleased information which may have the answers to a design issue.
  • Manufacturer Assessment – we are able to understand and identify practical failures in the build process to get product manufacture back on track, including compliance against IPC and JEDEC assembly standards.

Best Practice & Customer Training

We can help supplement our customers in-house design knowledge by providing both on and off-site technical support, training or one-to-one tuition if needed in all areas of electronics, software development and manufacturing services that we undertake.  Our customers learn in different ways and we try to fit in with their style as best we can, so we are happy to deliver this in whatever format suits them – from traditional meeting based discussions to electronic means via phone, email and online chat (Google Hangouts, Facebook and Skype). 

As engineers with many years of hand-on design experience we deliver our training in an enthusiastic, hands-on, easy to understand manner which can really boost your team know-how allowing you to keep your future project costs down and the design activity completely in-house.