Embedded Firmware & RTOS

We have experience in a variety of software development including:

“Bare Metal” Firmware

  • Microchip MPLABX XC8/16/32 for PIC devices.
  • Atmel Studio with Advanced Software Framework (ASF) with ATtiny, ATmega, ATSAMD, ATSAM3, ATSAM4
  • Open Source embedded development with GCC, GDB, Eclipse, Netbeans
  • SDCC with 8051 and PIC
  • Keil with IAR Embedded Webench
  • GCC with ARM Cortex + ARM7/9 , AVR, MIPS, Coldfire
  • Reverse engineering and development with obsolete compiler tech
  • Microkernels and Finite State Machines
  • Rapid Prototyping with Arduino MightyCore and other custom integrations
  • Porting code / cross compiling between architectures
  • Reverse engineering from hex code or assembler.

Embedded OS

  • FreeRTOS
  • TinyOS
  • ContikiOS
  • Cross compiling between x86 to ARM


  • Bespoke microcontroller development for ultra low cost solutions e.g. PMS150