Safety Critical & HiRel

Safety Critical Hardware & Software

We have experience in the development of a variety of high reliability (HiRel), safety critical hardware & software solutions for customers in a variety of industries, from medical to aerospace.  This includes:

  • Functional Safety – with IEC/UL 60335, IEC/UL 60730 and IEC 61508.  Functionally safe hardware/software designs for industrial and consumer use (lockstep, runtime verification checks, fault tolerance, single channel with periodic self test).
  • Intrinsically Safe (IS) Design – with CE/ATEX compliance.
  • Medical Safety – with EN60601, CE Medical Devices Directive (MDD) and FDA approved designs.
  • Transport Safety – TOPAS for traffic signals
  • High specification operation – at extreme temperatures, pressure, shock/vibration and radiation hardened (including Radiation Hardened by Design – RHBD).  MIL-STD-883.
  • Ceramic PCB design & hybrid modules – for extreme environments.
  • Aerospace – with DO-178 compliant software and hardware to DO-254.
  • Automotive  functional safety with MISRA C compliance.

Most of these developments not only required a high quality electronic and software design, but also complete documentation and use cases for testing compliance with international standards.

Where necessary we are able to fit-in with our customers existing quality systems and procedures to enable us to slot-in to larger testing and certification programmes.

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