We have experience in a variety of software development including:

Embedded Linux

  • uCLinux (no MMU)
  • embedded Linux BSP including Yocto, OpenWrt, Ångström, Freescale LTIB
  • Linux Kernel Driver Development for new hardware and embedded integration with custom PCBs etc.
  • Hard Real Time Linux (RTLinux) with hardware support

Regular Linux

  • Linux Distributions – Ubuntu Desktop & Server, Debian, Redhat, Gentoo, SUSE, Arch
  • Linux Kernel drivers

Safety Critical

  • Safety Critical embedded with integrated hardware (Cortex R5 / R7 ).

Open Source

  • Collaborative development with Launchpad, git, bzr
  • GNU Makefiles, CMake, Bitbake etc. for packaging board support packages (BSP)


  • Custom Bootloaders
  • U-Boot including new custom hardware integration