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Who We Are

Our multidisciplinary team of design, project and manufacturing engineers have many decades of experience developing technology products and solutions for a variety of customers.  Our core team includes:

Rich Grant (Managing & Technical Director) – Rich has over 20 years experience working in a variety of technical and commercial roles, including systems integration, embedded technology development and manufacturing, as well as other business development aspects.  Experienced in a variety of market sectors, from aerospace to power & energy, he is able to lead Milliamp with the technical and commercial know-how to make your development project a success.  Rich is still very much hands on with the technical side of Milliamp’s business, overseeing activities and, for more complex projects needing direct input, diving into electronics design, PCB layout and manufacturing pull through or tinkering with software code until the early hours !!!  Rich has also been an active volunteer of The Institution of Engineering & Technology (formerly IEE) since 1998, networking with a variety of other technology experts locally and around the globe.  More info about Rich is available on his LinkedIn page.

Nicola Mortimer (Director) – Nicola spent has over 15 years managing the development of a number high value complex industrial projects in the power and renewables sector, including leading a team responsible for the development of UK based projects worth in total over £60 million.  Nicola now assists Milliamp Technologies with it’s ongoing business activities, supporting project management activities and helping develop our business strategy,  bringing to the team her expertise to keep everything on track.  More info about Nicola is available on her LinkedIn page.

Ben Coote (Design Engineer) – Ben joined us in 2017 and brings enthusiasm to the team and is involved in a variety of day to day design activities.  Ben started experimenting with engineering at an early age, as part of a team creating an electric racing car for the IET Formula 24 competition.  Since that time, over the years he has continued exploring electronics, software and technology with various projects, as well as working in the IT equipment industry and volunteering with 345 (City of Lancaster) Air Cadets.  Ben continues to build on his knowledge with ever more complex and challenging projects developing his skills from the ground up.  More info about Ben is available on his LinkedIn page.

Donval Parker (Design Engineer) – Don joined Milliamp in 2019 and is a design engineer with broad experience including electronics design, embedded software, sound engineering, power systems, radio and search & rescue technology.  Don has a Mechatronics Engineering Masters Degree from Lancaster University, during which he was involved in students union management activities.  He also has a background in customer experience, volunteer/community project management, events and marketing allowing him to bring his commercial skills to Milliamp.  More info about Don is available on his LinkedIn page.

Robbie Crowther (Project Apprentice) – Robbie joined us in 2020 to manage the enrolment and retention of our students on our Tech Lancaster Electronic Skills Programme.  Robbie has over 15 years of experience managing people and products and brings with him a wide range of valuable skills including stock control and management, excellent communication skills and lots and lots of patience!  More info about Robbie is available on his LinkedIn page.

Heidi Silfverberg (Digital Marketing Assistant) – Heidi joined Milliamp in 2021 and has a unique skill set of experience in the electronics sector combined with creativity and an eye for detail.  Heidi moved to Lancaster over 5 years ago from Finland, a leading technology and innovation nation and found employment in the local electronic engineering sector.  Heidi has joined the Milliamp Team to utilize her creative and technical ability to shout about all the great projects going on at Milliamp, as engineers are notoriously bad at marketing their achievements! In addition to traditional digital marketing Heidi will be involved in software development for Milliamp’s interactive web mapping applications.  More info about Heidi is available on her LinkedIn page.

Everyone Else ! – we also have a variety of other people behind the scenes, including specialist consultants, technicians and partner resource we can call on as necessary to get the job done on time and in budget.

Our Background and Working Style

Our team has a broad range of skills and experience in a diverse variety of markets – so we normally have the development know-how or know someone who does for more exotic designs!  In addition to our pragmatic hands-on approach, the our team and associates hold advanced higher level qualifications (our technical team all hold masters or doctorate degrees in various engineering and technology areas) so you can be assured we have solid knowledge behind our advice and design work.  All of our design work is handled in-house so you can be confident that the technical knowledge on the finer details of your design will always be available from Milliamp should you need to revisit it with us.

We like to be available to our customers whenever and however they need us, so in addition to traditional methods like face to face meetings, we make maximum use of Internet and multimedia communication such as instant messenger chat/video conferencing (Google Hangouts, Facebook, Skype), remote PC desktop access and email – so we can be virtually on hand to help anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if need be.

We have a diverse customer base from around the UK and beyond –  usually we undertake our work out at our own locations, however if the project requirements dictate we need to work on our customer’s site or in the field for short periods of time, we will happily accommodate this.  We often work with (and quite enjoy) working in unusual places in the world with a range of projects – from cities to the middle of nowhere in third world countries – nothing is too extreme !

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