Feasibility – Explore Your Options

Got an idea for a technology product but not sure if it can be done? – or more importantly if it can be done on budget and in time?  To help we can offer our expertise and can provide a detailed feasibility reports and documentation, including design analysis, budgetary costings, and project/manufacturing outline plans.  We can also be completely flexible to your requirements and include specific details in your report if needed.

Design Specifications

Although we are happy to undertake any development work ad-hoc without written specifications on an hourly rate, we prefer to work in partnership with our Customers to get a complete understanding of their specifications so we can be clear up front on the development effort and costs involved and this may allow us to offer you fixed price for further development activities.  This helps us to avoid unplanned costs and changes that may lead to disappointment.

We are usually able to take all your existing thoughts, ideas, sketches and information gleaned from discussion and create a complete Design Specification document which includes parts and technology selection, outline hardware and software designs and a development project plan.

Costing & Budgeting Report

If you are unsure of costs involved in development or manufacture of your product we can help you create a detailed financial budgeting plan for product development which can be used from a project management perspective or relied on by potential customers, investors and financiers.

Some common features of a Costing & Budgeting report may include:

  • Initial R&D costs including design, software development and prototyping.
  • Bills of Materials (BoM) and hierarchical Product Structures costings for various quantity requirements.
  • Volume production costs including labour and production engineering.
  • Mechanical design costs e.g. 3D design and injection moulding
  • Testing and Regulatory Compliance costs (e.g. EMC, LVD, radio and safety testing for CE/FCC compliance)

We are also able to give Initial guidance on sources of investment and financing available in UK and EU – both public and private – as a complementary service.

Don’t Know Where to Start ?

Not even sure where to start with anything ?  Well that’s fine – our FREE Development Guidance Service can help get you moving in the right direction by providing general advice and pointers over the phone or by email.  Please find out more here.