We have experience in a variety of hardware design for technology including:

Low Power & Ultra Low Power 8-bit

  • Atmel ATtiny
  • Microchip PIC10
  • SiLabs Energy Micro EFM32 (Cortex M0/M3)

Commodity Microcontrollers 8-bit

  • Atmel ATmega, AT90
  • Microchip PIC12/PIC16/PIC18
  • Freescale 68HC05/68HC08/68HS08, Kinetis
  • NXP LPC900, LPC1700, LPC2100, LCP4000/4300
  • ST Microelectronics STR7, STM8
  • Texas Instruments TMS370
  • Generic 8051 clones and 8051 core based technology

Mid range 16/32-bit / DSP microcontrollers

  • PIC24/dsPIC
  • Atmel AVR32
  • Texas Instruments MSP430, TMS320/370,Stellaris
  • Hitachi/Renesas H8/SuperH
  • Freescale 68HC12

System-on-Chip (SoC) Devices

  • Nordic Semiconductor RRF51, NRF52 (Cortex M0/M4F with soft radio device for ANT, Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • STM32 (Cortex M0/M3/M4F)