A No-Nonsense Quality Approach

We believe that the key to a successful product development is ensuring that we apply the right development strategy from the outset and the most important aspect of this is controlling the Quality of our all our work from day one.

We have a varied customer base, with different needs, demands, and budgets.  This leads to a variety of quality requirements – from low cost designs with minimal documentation to comprehensively documented, tested and certified designs and products for our customers requiring a high degree of assurance.  We attempt to be as flexible as possible when it comes to fitting in with our customer’s quality requirements.

Although we are not currently ISO 9001 registered (we aim to become approved in the near future), our experience and know-how working in the most tightly quality controlled industries (working to AS9100 and TS16949) allows us to apply quality management best practice from these areas without the large overhead costs that can sometimes come with it.  If you have particular supply chain requirements we are more than happy to help, including participating in supplier audits and and necessary questionnaires.

Our Quality Systems are fully automated and we support our activities using advanced project management,  version control and enterprise resource planning tools ensuring full traceability should a problem occur.