Rapid Prototyping

Product & PCB Prototypes

Where our customers need to rapidly build a prototype to demonstrate their product’s electronic and software capability to other interested parties or to undergo preliminary testing, we are able to rapidly create a functional prototype with associated firmware/software and an enclosure.  We are able to offer services including:

  • Rapid Circuit Prototyping on Development Kits & Breadboards.
  • Rush PCB Layout & Manufacture for the most demanding timescales.
  • Populated Prototype PCB Assemblies optionally populated by hand or machine.
  • Demo Firmware & Software for operation and configuration where required for embedded, PC, tablet or mobile.
  • Instrumentation and Control User Interfaces including screens, buttons and screen printed graphics.
  • 3D Printed Assemblies & Enclosures for rapid prototyping of mechanical assemblies, enclosures and space samples.

For product designs that are not quite ready, we offer our Electronic & Software Design Services to help sort any issues out with PCBs and for drawings and 3D modelling we offer our Mechanical Design Services.

TI BeagleBone Black