Our Expertise

Design Services We Offer

We offer design and development capability undertaken by our expert team based in Lancaster, Lancashire, in the north of the United Kingdom.  This includes the following areas:

Alongside the services above we also offer a variety of advisory, manufacturing and certification/test services for a complete turnkey development “one stop shop” solution.

We are able to work with a wide variety of CAD, EDA and PCB design tools and we can import, generate and export design data in a variety of formats to suit your requirements including Altium Designer/Protel 99, Labcenter Proteus, Autodesk Eagle, EasyPC, Mentor PADS & KiCad and many others so you are able to keep maximum visibility of the design.

We are completely flexible so can take the lead in a design or just provide extra ad-hoc resource to our customers as required.  If needed, we are able to carry out helpful design reviews on the phone, at a location of your choice or here at Milliamp Technologies in Lancaster, United Kingdom adjacent to the beautiful Lake District.

Wide Ranging Expertise

Our expertise in a wide range of market sectors helps us understand the different challenges and pitfalls that each one can bring.   Our experience includes development work of hardware, software and technology platforms in areas including:

  • Industrial Monitoring & Control 
  • Industrial & Scientific Instrumentation
  • LED Lighting, Digital Signage & Built Environment
  • Low Cost Consumer Tech & White Goods
  • Audio, Video, Multimedia & Digital Broadcast
  • Energy Tech (including Nuclear, Wind Farms, Oil & Gas)
  • Telecomms & Wireless/Radio
  • Aerospace & Avionics
  • Healthcare & Medical Tech
  • Information Security & Cryptography

To find out the technical details of how we design visit our Technical Capabilities pages.

Types of Development

A customer design will fall into one of the following categories, and this will influence the design approach we take and the associated time/cost implications (from low to high):

  • Proof of Concept Product Prototype – rapidly developed designs with off-the-shelf modules, development boards and breadboards for proof of concept or experimentation with hardware or software.
  • Demonstrator/Pre-Production Product Prototype – a representative product without final certification or thorough testing which includes enclosures, user interfaces and is fully featured.
  • Turnkey Design/Final Product – a “finished product” with full certification, design data which has a proven reliability and specification compliance.  Includes a Manufacturing Data Pack (MDP) used for volume manufacture which we can optionally also provide as a service.

We are happy to work on an ah-hoc hourly basis to explore the options where no specifications are available, or alternatively we can help our customers develop clear specifications as part of our Feasibility & Specifications service.

KiCad PCB Design

Circuit Schematic

C Code on a Screen