We have experience in a variety of hardware design for technology including:

Power Supplies

  • Intelligent SMPS
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Inverters

Battery Management

  • Battery charging and monitoring for Pb, NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Po/LPF batteries
  • SMBus interfaces
  • Safety and thermal management

High Voltage & High Power

  • High Power / High Voltage SMPS and Inverter design (>2KW)
  • High Voltage PCB Layout (>1000VDC)
  • Software & Logic HV equipment safety controllers with FPGA
  • IGBT & SiC controller design
  • IGBT HVIC IPM interfacing with embedded control (Mitsubishi Electric/Powerex PS22A78-E & PS21997 DIPIPM)
  • Specialist design for aviation and marine use.

Motor Controllers, Sensing & Feedback

  • Brushed & Brushless DC motors (including high voltage motor control)
  • Stepper and Servos
  • Linear, Optical, Hall Sensor and Sensorless Position and Speed feedback
  • High Resolution Analog Resolvers
  • H-Bridge drivers
  • High Voltage Snubbing
  • Linear actuators with speed control

Motion Control & Closed Loop Control

  • Variable Speed Drive design (VSD/ASD)
  • Solid state control (PMD MC58000, MC5500 Magellan / ION Processors)
  • Servo Controllers/Intelligent Motor Controllers
  • Feedback control with PID and PI/PI plus