Nordic Semiconductor Release First Wi-Fi Chip

On Tuesday 16th August, Nordic Semiconductor announced their first Wi-Fi product, the nRF7002. Nordic Semi now covers all 3 major IoT communications protocols. Bluetooth, Cellular and now Wi-Fi. The technical expertise required to create this silicon came from Nordic’s acquisition of Imagination Technologies’ Wi-Fi team back in 2020.

The part itself features new Wi-Fi 6 technology which is better at managing a network with many devices on it than previous generations of Wi-Fi. The nRF7002 also has a few other cool features such as Low Power Wi-Fi and Dual Band capability.

It isn’t exclusive to Nordic Semi’s ecosystem either. It is compatible with other MCUs from different vendors through the use of its SPI and QPSI interface. It has been designed to perform well and not interfere with other protocols nearby (or even in the same product) that it shares frequency with, such as certain kinds of Bluetooth.

Nordic is yet to release the datasheet and application documentation for this product, this means we can’t speak of particular details past the press release. When we get our hands on these documents we’ll be able to talk more about it!

Nordic is saying that the product will go to mass market later this year or early next year and dev kits are currently being sampled to interested customers and they are encouraging people to contact their local Nordic Semi sales representative for the possibility of receiving a kit.

We are excited to trial their new product and develop products using this technology. If you have a project in mind that could use this part, contact us on

You can watch the announcement video here:  or read their blog here: 

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