The MANY Benefits of IoT

Milliamp took part in the closeout event of the Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY) 5G project in the beautiful surroundings of Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire. This project has focused on developing 5G and IoT testbeds in rural communities around the north of England and LoRaWAN is now a key element of the UK 5G strategy.

The deployment of 5G has been slower than anticipated so finding an alternative has been a must for many cases, especially when it comes to IoT. LoRAWAN has taken over the urgent need for 5G and has been working on its replacement, especially at rural areas where 5G will most likely reach last, if at all. LoRaWAN is now considered to be part of the 5G network.

Forbidden Corner is looking to use 5G and LoRaWAN to deliver interactive and fun experiences and improve the overall customer journey. This way people are more likely to spread the word and return to the attraction. The network will open up many opportunities for the park to offer enrichment and information for its visitors. It will also have a benefit for speeding up processes, for example using QR codes instead of booking references when people arrive.

Other benefits include cutting down on paper usage. Previously the park would print out flyers and guides for the visitors but now there is a move to more mobile friendly solutions, reducing the amount of paper significantly. This will in return decrease litter, operating costs and overall carbon footprint.

Our Milliamp Things project has been working with a number of rural stakeholders using LoRaWAN – this event showed real use cases of IoT enhancing the lives of those in wider reaches of rural England!  Stay tuned to learn more about how LoRaWAN is now playing a key role in the “5G ecosystem” in the UK and around the world.

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