Happy Guy Fawkes Day from Milliamp !!!

A big Happy Guy Fawkes Day to our British customers and website visitors from Nicola, Rich and the team !  We hope wherever you are you are having a fun and safe time 🙂

But is your webcam the new Guy Fawkes ???!!

November 5th in the United Kingdom is traditionally celebrated with fireworks, bonfires and burning of effigies of Guy Fawkes to remember the Gunpowder Plot, a foiled plan to blow up the UK Houses of Parliament in 1605.  The UK continues to celebrate this failed attempt at subverting its security and democracy every year in November with fun and fireworks.  Even before the State Opening of Parliament each year, the Yeomen of the Guard carry out a search of the cellars of the Palace of Westminster just to be sure there is nothing lurking !!!!

But whilst the United Kingdom continues to celebrate its freedom and security, are the vending machines and photocopiers of the UK Houses of Parliament the new conspirators ?  Is there a conspirator maybe only a few metres from where you are sitting ?  Read our blog post here to find out more …

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