Back to the Future – Nokia 3310 Returns !

Last week at Mobile World Congress , it’s been reported we saw the return of the tech giant Nokia with an updated version of its 3310 mobile handset – widely regarded as the most reliable and indestructible consumer mass market phone product ever built.  It’s great to see Nokia back from the dead after its phone brand was bought from Microsoft in 2016 by HMD Global (a new company formed comprising of veteran Nokia staff), so we couldn’t resist a quick blog post as a hat tip.

The original handset was designed and released in year 2000 and was the most popular phone that year, selling 126 million units.  Around that time, what set Nokia’s products aside from the competition was its reputation for producing highly reliable, usually virtually indestructible products at a consumer market price, and this philosophy shows how having a well designed, but more importantly, well tested product can cement you as the market leader with a reputation for reliability for decades.

Going on sale in Q2 2017 with an RRP of 49EUR, here’s a quick spec rundown of the new 3310: size 115.6 x 51.0 x 12.8mm, weight 79.6g,  screen 2.4-inch QVGA 240×320, microSD slot > 32GB, 2MP camera,  connectivity 2.5G, NO WiFi and of course Snake! 🙂 .  Most importantly it has a massive 1200mAh battery giving it 22 hours of talk time !

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