Season’s Greetings from Milliamp

Enjoy the Festive Break !

Rich and the team at Milliamp send all our customers, suppliers, collaborators and associates best wishes for the festive season!  This year feels like it has flown by – and we hope 2022 will bring further exciting projects, more collaborations and some new developments!

It’s been a tricky year…

2021, like 2020 has been challenging for many sectors due to Covid19 and other factors, however as a hybrid “virtualised” company, often working as “keyworkers” throughout lockdown keeping the cogs turning, we have powered through and managed to take on a range of new work including projects around UV lighting, environmental sensing, industrial measurement and control, intelligent power systems and also a number of our own in-house projects focussed on LoRaWAN and Internet of Things technologies and a focus on increasing skills resource at Milliamp and around Lancaster (more below!).  However, with ongoing Covid turbulence and global electronics component shortages requiring a lot of redesigns to work around supply problems, and suppliers and logistics disrupted with other delays, it’s not been easy!

We are very grateful to all our understanding customers, suppliers and associates during these unpredictable times and we wish you all the best for upcoming 2022 !

Milliamp Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is definitely a thing at Milliamp!  So as part of business diversification, accelerated by Covid19, we have created a new business area providing our own products and services around IoT technology focussed on rural areas (we live next door to over 900 square miles of mountains and rolling hills!).  This was successfully funded by InnovateUK and we are now working with a number of trial customers developing and testing our offering in the field (or in a field, quite literally) and hope to have more news and create a more public splash in 2022!  If you are interested in IoT or require a one-stop shop solution – including sensor design, manufacture, off-the-shelf sensors/integration, deployment and operations/monitoring services, please get in touch!

Milliamp Continues to Grow!

While still a micro-SME, Milliamp continues to grow its team in a number of areas – including more marketing and design/production planning support and we hope to continue this in 2022 with recruitment of more technical personnel. We are always happy to hear from anyone looking for a new technical role in electronics and embedded systems – including remote workers – so drop us a line if you or someone you know could be interested in joining our tech team!

Tech Lancaster

Milliamp has been a key supporter to a new initiative in Lancaster helping get more people into the electronics and “electech” sector.  With severe skills shortages impacting the global industry, we helped create a new organisation (co-founded by Rich!) Tech Lancaster to take the lead across the UK piloting a new type of skills “bootcamp” for UK Government as a trial.  The project was a huge success, with over 39 people recruited into new or improved roles in the sector and Tech Lancaster goes from strength to strength, delivering more skills training in Power Electronics, Machines and Drives for InnovateUK in 2022.

What’s Next?

We hope 2022 will contain more interesting and exciting projects – from complex embedded digital electronic systems to embedded firmware – and we hope to continue to build our loyal customer base. As well as continuing to grow our contract technology design and manufacture business, we look forward to developing Milliamp Things into a standalone offering, as well as expanding our contract services around design for manufacture, in-house product prototyping/assembly, and in-house lab testing (including environmental and EMC pre-compliance) as part of a new Milliamp Labs offering – more news on this in the new year!

Can We Help ?  We are working throughout !

If you have any planned developments in 2022 where you think we could help please get in touch – even if just for a catchup it’s great to hear from friends and acquaintances old and new in these unpredictable times! See you all in 2022!  If there is anything urgent we are working in the background through the holidays – just drop us an email or leave a voicemail on 01524 888 319 and we will back back in touch asap.

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