ST invest in Decawave

Real time location system (RTLS) and indoor positioning system (IPS) company Decawave has recently received a $2.5M cash injection from ST New Ventures (part of manufacturer ST Microelectronics), which is in addition to the $30M already raised from other partners.  This signals further confidence in the company and it’s range of ultra wideband transcievers, including their single chip DW1000 part, that can resolve its position within an IEEE802.15.4 mesh to 10cm (!!!) resolution.

Here at Milliamp we have some experience with these parts and they do indeed live up to their specification – with accurate RTLS operation over 50m between nodes.  With the “Internet of Things” continually advancing into new markets, low power accurate indoor positioning that can work effectively in buildings through walls and in radio polluted areas (mobiles, wifi, etc!) is key to enabling new applications and services.  In particular, with its ultrawideband operation including use of 3GHz, DW1000 is particularly resilient to changing topology (mesh changes) and physical location (moving around a building).

We have over 20 years experience designing low power custom electronic solutions, including both hardware and software for embedded Internet of Things and low power radio tech – if you think we can help please find out more on our website or get in touch !

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